1989 Pontiac 6000 Engine Used

Looking for a low-mileage used 1989 Pontiac 6000 engine? Check out our 1989 Pontiac 6000 engine pages! With a large network of 200 hundreds salvage yards, we can find you the right motor for your 1989 Pontiac 6000 vehicle. Buy a used 1989 Pontiac 6000 motor from reliable auto dismantlers that deal only with high quality of used 1989 Pontiac 6000 vehicles. Our certified used 1989 Pontiac 6000 engines backed by 30-day price guarantee and up to 3-year warranty. Shop with confidence!

1989 Pontiac Used Engines We offer a variety of 1989 Pontiac 6000 motors for any type and condition. We have both gas and diesel engines in stock, and carry late model car and truck used motors. You can browse through our 1989 Pontiac 6000 engine pages and choose what's best for you. To continue, select your respective year from the top menu; and select the applicable 1989 Pontiac 6000 engine. To purchase a particular 1989 Pontiac 6000 engine, contact one of our sales representatives.

Our Used 1989 Engines Pontiac 6000 Catalog Includes...

Engine DetailsStock#Price
1989 Pontiac 6000
6 Cyl, 191 cid (3.1L, VIN T) Engine (used) 

113K, 3.3, 6, AUTO, COL, RIV, 180-185X6 (Portland, Oregon)
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1989 Pontiac 6000 Engine Rebuilt

1989 Pontiac  Rebuilt Engine Engines need to perform at a high level. That's the basic quality that any engine should possess, especially a 1989 Pontiac 6000 engine. Unfortunately, engines break down like any other automobile part and need to be replaced. When it's time to replace yours, we're the place to turn to for the best remanufactured 89 Pontiac 6000 engines in the industry. When you need new quality for a used price, we'll be here waiting for you.

Finding a good deal is hard in these tough economic times. Finding a good deal on a replacement engine is darn near impossible. That is, until you shop with us. We have the best deals in the industry on remanufactured 1989 Pontiac 6000 replacement engines for your cars or trucks. Our engines are guaranteed to run just as well as the company-manufactured engine, but you'll receive it at a lower price. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

Featured Rebuilt 1989 Pontiac 6000 6000 Motors...

Engine DetailsStock#Price
1989 Pontiac 6000 LE  Gasoline Engine (Crate), L4, 2.5 L, 151 CID, 2,474 CC,  
FWD, Roller cam, Trigger fire ignition, Balance shaft, Block #980, Head #642 No oil pump supplied
1989 Pontiac 6000 LE  Gasoline Engine (Crate), V6, 2.8 L, 173 CID,  
FWD, MFI, trigger fire ignition
1989 Pontiac 6000 Ste  Gasoline Engine (Crate), V6, 3.1 L, 189 CID,  
FWD, aluminum heads. Does not fit Lumina van.
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